Light Flurries

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Get your Light Flurries where you can, unfortunately the manufacturer/distributor is out of business.

In The News

Light Flurries was a revolutionary idea, it was not a projector and it did one thing, it created the illusion of falling snow on the homes of Christmas Decorators.

The path to this point was hard but worth it.   It is a cautionary tale of sorts for inventors because if it could happen, it did.

Met some great people along the way, some liars, some thieves and some opportunists.   For the most part the good outweighed the bad, but the bad cost us hundreds of thousands of dollars.

The best part was working with individuals that had passion and did what they said they were going to do and more.   We started an industry of Hundreds of Millions, perhaps over a Billion dollars.   Meeting garage inventors, people with a great passion for their solution maker  These people had an issue, found a solution, boiled it down to something pretty simple and now want to take it to the market.  Many of these ideas could go to market, and so many of these ideas already existed or had a run years before.   Doesn't mean their idea was bad, it means their idea was good, maybe great, just need better timing.

The liars, they sign documents and claim never to have signed them, or they pretend to know that market and miss little things like claw backs in the contract.  What is a claw back? A claw back can put you out of business pretty quickly.   What a claw back says is that you as the vendor will take any returns back and reimbursed the retailer at retail sold value, not wholesale value.  Considering retailers mark it up three to five times, that means every one item sold wipes out three to five successful sales.  You would think that people with decades of experience would not get so anxious to sell something that they would agree to such a term.

The thieves, they are the ones you pay to be a middle person, to be at the factory and keep an eye on your quality and delivery deadlines.  They can be your friend and you trust them until they don't answer the phone and the factory tells you that payment is due.   You give the tens of thousands of dollars to this person and they use the money to fund their own idea.   The next time I heard from the guy was his tale of woe about I should be thankful I still had the respect of my family.   Good thing I had collateral and a good relationship with the bank, the retailers would not put up with a delay in shipment.